What can you buy with a works credit?

The works loan is a consumer or real estate loan dedicated to financing works, works that can be carried out by the owner or by a professional craftsman. Here is how this credit works.

Buy materials for works


The work loan is generally a consumer credit, the maximum amount of which is 75,000 USD, beyond that, it is a mortgage. Most of the works are based on amounts of less than 75,000 USD and they can finance the purchase of materials.

There are two cases in this sense, either the borrower opts for a personal loan dedicated to works, in this specific case, he does not have to provide supporting documents.

Either he opts for the loan of the assigned work, funding directly linked to the purchase of materials and the amount of which must be justified by an estimate, ideally an estimate from a store specializing in materials and DIY.

These materials can be diverse and varied:

  • Kitchen, furniture, storage
  • Bathroom, WC, showers, plumbing
  • Gardens, decorations
  • Structural work, concrete blocks
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Joinery, windows, doors
  • Paintings, wallcoverings
  • Floors, tiles, parquet floors
  • Electricity, home automation, lighting

Works credit to pay a craftsman


The works credit can also be used to finance the payment of a professional craftsman, in addition to or in replacement of materials, depending on the type of project and the level of support by the craftsman.

Note that work related to energy savings may give entitlement to tax credits (see this website for more information).

For artisans, it is advisable to opt for the affected work loan, that is to say, that the amount of work is only granted if they are actually carried out, this avoids ending up with a loan to repay while finally, the works fall into the water, security to take into account.

The work loan is therefore valid for all types of professionals:

  • Masons, earthwork
  • Roofer
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Plasterer, painter
  • Cook
  • Decorator

Simulate your work loan online


Many households buy old buildings or have them built, which necessarily requires development and renovation work to benefit from a renovated and perfectly regulated habitat.

We must, therefore, focus on requesting the right work loan, either in the form of assigned credit or in the form of a personal loan, but also take care to avoid the tedious steps of going to bank branches or contacting organizations. credit.

Rather than wasting time, it is strongly advised to use a simulated online work loan, this saves time in your procedures but also takes advantage of the best offers of the moment, especially when a bank or an organization financier performs a one-off promotion on credit rates.

The online simulation is done without commitment and free of charge, one more argument to save precious time.

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