A List of the Fun Facts About the US Post Office

As odd as this may sound there are actually fun facts about the US post office that would intrigue most people.

One of them is that the fleets of long life vehicles belonging to the post office actually have their drivers drive on the right side as opposed to the standard left side. It would be irritating and a waste of time for each driver to keep having to come out of the vehicle to deliver the mail so this actually accommodates them by saving them that time.

We have all heard or read about seventh day Adventists, you may even be one yourself. Then it might interest you to know that in a city called Loma Linda post is delivered on Sunday and not on Saturday. This is because a large portion of the population there are seventh day Adventists so delivering post on Saturday would go against their belief that Saturday is a day to rest and not to work. To them it is their Sabbath. this page

Another interesting fun fact about the US post office is that it is the second largest employer with the first being Wal-Mart. It offers employment to over 656000 people. We’ve also heard of remote places and these remote places also have remote postal offices. One such place is Alaska. The post office at Anaktuvuk is the remotest one because all of its mail has to be delivered by air

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